Fresh Sundays Club

Fresh Sundays 

How many Sundays have you wasted after a night out or in drinking alcohol, where you have felt a bit tired, had a bit of a sore head, and to be honest just couldn’t wait for bedtime?

Well no more. Welcome to Fresh Sundays…and Mondays, and Tuesdays…need we go on. We want to empower you to change your drinking habits and do things you have never done before.

Cutting back on the booze is just part of what we are about – which is why we have created the concept of Fresh Sundays. Yes - we’re about more than drinking a bit less alcohol – We are all about a shift in drinking habits which lead to a better lifestyle – being healthier, and enjoying every minute, of every day with energy and enthusiasm.

We are working on lots of fantastic plans to help you enjoy your Fresh Sundays - from Yoga on the beach to Chill out DJs and Alcohol Free Cocktail Making. Watch this space, follow us on social media or sign up to our newsletter to be kept up to date with all the latest information, news and events.

Life is too short for sore heads.

Make it a night to remember.

Are you thinking about trying to cut back on the booze? Are you struggling? You’re not the only one – it is estimated that about 7 out of 10 of us are actively trying or considering cutting back on the booze.

To help on the journey, we are setting up the Fresh Sundays Club. Join to benefit from exclusive No/Low promotions for Club members, access to Fresh Sundays events, Online No/Low Cocktail Lessons and insights from our suppliers and the opportunity to join Mindful Drinking coaching sessions led by our qualified coach Jill @mycoachjill.

If you are interested in finding out more sign up for the latest news and launch date– to be ready to join the Fresh Sundays Club.