December Sip of the Month

It’s Christmas time – when many of us like to celebrate with a glass of sparkling wine or bubbly.

This year – why not celebrate in style and have #BubblesWithBenefits®. Try a glass of two of Wild Life Botanicals wine – it not only tastes fantastic, it is full of 5 different vitamins and 8 different minerals that are all good for you.

The range comes in Nude and Rose varieties – which are also available in beautifully presented gift boxes featuring original artwork from ‘Ecosystems’ by Artist Sarah Trewbella - which makes an incredibly beautiful and delicious gift for designated drivers, pregnant women and those that simply don’t want to drink alcohol.

This wine put simply - is big on benefits and ultra low on alcohol – that is what we call a Double Bubble!

Try the Wild Life

The story of Wild Life Botanicals® is one of passion, empathy and dedication. A passion to replicate one of life’s finest luxuries without compromise, an empathy for the new generation of mindful drinkers and a total dedication to create quality produce without sacrifice.

Following months of innovative product development with a specialist team that included a highly respected naturopath and medical herbalist; a leading international oenologist; an award-winning taste and sensory developer; a master brewer and food scientist. Wild Life Botanicals has set the bar in the dynamic low-no alcohol sparkling wine category.

Crafted in Cornwall, England, this trailblazing ultra low alcohol (0.5% ABV) bubbly is brimming with plant power from an uplifting elixir of five fabulous botanicals and eight active vitamins and minerals each chosen for their health-giving properties.

The award winning Wild Life Botanicals introduces the unique concept of #BubblesWithBenefits®. Low in carbs and calories, 100% vegan, each 125ml glass delivers a minimum 15% of the daily reference intake of the eight active vitamins and minerals and less than 35 calories per glass (over 60% fewer calories than Champagne and Prosecco), Wild Life Botanicals is quite simply…#BubblesWithBenefits®